I love my skin!

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Adults follow paths. Children explore.
The ocean at the end of the lane by Neil Gaiman (via quotemybooks)

Because to the poor, books are not diversions. Book are siege weapons.
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25 year old grown man and I still cry while reading FICTIONAL accounts. Damn books

Breaking free of the curse of the gifted
Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of monotheistic religion is not to tell man there is a God, but to tell man he is not God.
One of my favorite quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb  (via verkur)

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The meaning of “Suhail”
i) SUHAIL is an Arabic term meaning handsome, brilliant, noble, glorious, easy-going, and peaceful. It is commonly used as a male name and also refers to a number of stars:

It is a shortened version of the traditional names of two stars in the constellation Vela:

1, λ Velorum, Al Suhail al Wazn, “The Bright Star of the Weight” (‘Suhail’ in Celestia)

2, γ Velorum, Al Suhail al Muhlif (‘Regor’ in Celestia)

Suhail Hadar (سهيل هدار), “The Bright Star of the Ground”, is another name for Naos in Puppis

The term has also sometimes been used in reference to Canopus (α Carinae), the second brightest star in the night sky

ii) The only person in the world with really good human qualities of which some are as follows:-

Loves art 
Dresses up for the occasion 
Slight perfectionist 
Plans ahead 
Attention to detail 
Loves public service

He also likes the following:-

Intellectual conversations 
Subtle colours, textures


Pressured decisions 
Being rushed 
He is a real SUHAIL in the dark times like this…

He is a SUHAIL indeed when I am in need.
Eerie how accurate my likes and dislikes are. Found this in Urban Dictionary. I only hope I can live up to the qualities iA.

When we read, another person thinks for us: we merely repeat his mental process. In learning to write, the pupil goes over with his pen what the teacher has outlined in pencil: so in reading; the greater part of the work of thought is already done for us. This is why it relieves us to take up a book after being occupied with our own thoughts. And in reading, the mind is, in fact, only the playground of another’s thoughts. So it comes about that if anyone spends almost the whole day in reading, and by way of relaxation devotes the intervals to some thoughtless pastime, he gradually loses the capacity for thinking; just as the man who always rides, at last forgets how to walk. This is the case with many learned persons: they have read themselves stupid.
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